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Strength. Power. Speed. Endurance. The dynamic sport of swimming requires an athlete to possess all of these attributes while performing outside the “normal” competitive environment. Life Performance Enhancement (LPE) knows what the body demands to increase strength, power, speed and endurance, while preventing injuries.

Cameron Hagen

Cameron Hagen Swim Team, Azusa Pacific University

“While training with LPE, I achieved NCAA Division 2 All America, gained 10 pounds of muscle, swam the fastest times of my career, and improved my eating habits and discipline as a collegiate athlete.”

Performance training is one layer of the required foundation all athletes need to have, LPE combines this with nutrition and understanding of recovery fuel; it is important to rebuild every LPE athlete for maximum training results, every workout... every time.

LPE stands by its reputation of creating programs that are specific to the demands of the individual. No two sports or humans are alike, nor should they be trained in the same way. Physical and nutritional assessments ensure that every athlete’s ability to perform will be optimized from the inside out. Training programs are available for both teams and individuals.

Life Performance Enhancement - Logo

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