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Mark Bohren

Stephen VogtOakland Athletics Baseball Club

“I began training with LPE owner Derek Wohlers while a senior at Azusa Pacific University. All facets of my athleticism continue to improve each off season through LPE’s training methods and philosophies. I would not have had the success at the Major League level I’ve been blessed with if LPE was not involved.”

What does a great player consist of?

Strength, Speed, Agility, Power, Flexibility. Good players have the capacity to surpass their competition in one or some of these areas... Great players are able to crush their competition in all of them.

At Life Performance Enhancement (LPE), we understand what it takes to make you superior in strength, speed, agility and power; we understand the importance of flexibility in career longevity; we understand that your performance on the field dictates your play time, highlights and cash money. Our goal and top priority at LPE is to prepare you to become an all-star on the field.

In the line up? Or, on the bench?

We can help! LPE will specifically design a cohesive and integral training regimen that will prepare you in strength, speed, agility and power while providing the nutrition, physical therapy and injury prevention knowledge needed to build a long-lasting and award-winning career.

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